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New Coronavirus Test Kit

Continuing our work to support the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, Europlaz is pleased to announce a new partnership with not-for-profit organisation Testing for All to manufacture a coronavirus Test Kit.


Testing for All’s aim is to provide large scale, affordable and accessible Coronavirus testing to UK workers. It was founded during lockdown by James Monico and Kelly Klifa. Both have diverse professional backgrounds but share an interest in genomics and diagnostic testing.


A Coronavirus Test Kit falls into one of three Categories

The Coronavirus Test Kit that has been designed by Testing for All fall broadly into three categories: rapid antibody tests for businesses, home antibody tests and antigen tests. Tests can be collected on site by a nurse or samples returned in the post and results made available via an online portal within a few days.


The initiative is particularly useful for businesses returning to a more normal pattern of work after lockdown. Whilst testing employees either for antigens or antibodies before bringing them back to work is not a legal requirement, it can form a useful part of a comprehensive back to work strategy. Even though levels of immunity conferred by antibodies are uncertain, getting staff tested for antibodies can also aid with back to work planning by providing reassurance. A reluctant, or perhaps more vulnerable, staff member, might feel sufficiently reassured to return to the workplace if they found out they had already been exposed.


Expertise in assembling Coronavirus Test Kits

Using our expertise and high-quality manufacturing, Europlaz will be responsible for assembling the test kits for Testing for All in our Class 7 Cleanroom. As with all our clients, our in-depth understanding of quality and regulatory control of medical device manufacturing was an important factor in Testing for All’s decision to work with us, as well as our impressive QMS system and our Cleanroom environment.


Working proactively and efficiently to support our clients have always been priorities for us at Europlaz. We were able to move quickly for Testing for All, progressing rapidly from an initial enquiry from the organisation to a signed contract – in the space of just five days. This swift process demonstrated how confident the client was in our expertise and our high-class facilities. It was important to Testing for All and their aims to work with a company that could provide a quick turnaround – something we are very used to doing at Europlaz.


What Testing for All had to say about Europlaz

James Monico, co-founder of Testing for All said: “As soon as we met the Europlaz team, we knew we would work well together and they would be the best partner for us. Their knowledge and expertise in assembling complex medical products, as well as their understanding of regulatory requirements and their excellent on-site facilities makes them an ideal business to work with. The need for increased, more widely available Covid-19 testing with lockdown restrictions easing and more people returning to work is undeniable, so we wanted to get moving on this project very quickly and get our test kits to market as quickly as possible. Europlaz were extremely receptive to our enquiry and we were able to progress things swiftly in the way we wanted.”


Europlaz is delighted to continue our efforts in supporting the fight against the pandemic with an organisation that has such a worthwhile cause.


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