Design for Manufacturing

Explore designs and techniques to ensure the product is easily and repeatedly manufacturable.


Discover the latest technology we adopt to improve manufacturing effectiveness.

Risk Management

Providing you with a risk management plan to ensure all risks are identified, managed and mitigated.


Understand our complete tool management service designed by our in-house team.

Supply Chain Management

Experience to identify materials, components and processes which meet your requirements.


Understand our complete range of design, tool, process and equipment validation options.

CE Marking

Learn how we can apply for Class I or Class IIa mark on your behalf.

Technical Injection Moulding

Learn about our expertise in technical injection moulding.

Cleanroom Assembly

Find out more about our six class 7 cleanrooms certified to ISO 14644 for airborne particulate.

Packaging & Labelling

Discover our range of packaging solutions which provide a safe and sterile barrier.


Understand our Ethylene Oxide, Gamma and Auto Clave sterilisation process.