Patent to be granted on flowsenor used for neonatal ventilation

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Learn how to overcome technical limitations when providing best practice life-support ventilation to the very smallest patients in Europlaz’s flowsensor whitepaper.
Best practice protocols recommend clinicians use simultaneous Volume Targeted Ventilation (VTV) and CO2 monitoring when ventilating the very smallest patients but technical limitations mean this is often is not possible.​ 460,000 newborn babies in the developed world need invasive ventilation each year. This White Paper gives useful advice and insights into neonatal capnography and volume targeted ventilation with a pioneering solution.
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Flowsensor Whitepaper

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The clinical benefits and technical challenges in combining tidal flow volume and carbon dioxide monitoring in the smallest neonatal patients are introduced. The features of a combination neonatal flow sensor with integrated respiratory gas sampling port are highlighted and its performance characteristics are demonstrated. An example conventional prior art flow sensor connected with a sidestream sampling adapter has a combined deadspace of 2ml and produces 7% tidal volume inaccuracy and a 12% false leak measure, when ventilating a 4ml tidal volume.
The error further affects lung compliance, airway resistance and metabolic rate calculation errors. By comparison, the combination flow sensor with an integrated sidestream port has a deadspace of 0.8ml and it secures accurate tidal volume, leak, compliance and resistance values. The combination device can be used with sidestream CO2 analysers that have sampling gas flow rates up to 150 ml/min.

About the Flowsensor

The Europlaz Flowsensor enables clinicians to follow the correct protocols, by combining the sensor for measuring flow-volume with an optimally placed sampling port for safely extracting gas for tidal flow CO2 monitoring.

Europlaz is a cutting-edge medical technology manufacturer. The flowsensor is produced using automated micro-robotic assembly, for a highly consistent sensor quality, performance and traceability.
The flowsensor is also available without the side-port, for those situations or markets that do not use tidal flow CO2 monitoring.
Further information on the flowsensor can be found on our product page.
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