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What is Injection Moulding?

Injection moulding is one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the plastic industry due to its quick cycle of production, material and colour flexibility, low labour costs, design flexibility and low waste. Injection moulding is the preferred process for manufacturing thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics parts of diverse industrial sectors including medical.

what is technical injection moulding?

How does Medical Injection Moulding work?

The process converts solid plastic pellets to viscous masses by thermal conduction and pressure which are then injected into a mould where the melt acquires its final shape by cooling down. The process cycle can vary, typically from a few seconds to minutes, depending on the size of the moulds and materials used.

Material granules for the part is fed via a hopper into a heated barrel, melted using heater bands and the frictional action of a reciprocating screw barrel. The plastic is then injection through a nozzle into a mould cavity where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity. The mould tool is mounted on a moveable platen – when the part has solidified, the platen opens and the part is ejected out using ejector pins.

After a product is designed, usually by an industrial designer or an engineer, moulds are made by a mouldmaker (or toolmaker) from metal, usually either steel or aluminium, and precision-machined to form the features of the desired part.

how does technical injection moulding work?

Why choose Medical Injection Moulding?

  • Speed and efficiency. Injection moulding can produce a large number of parts per hour.
  • Low costs. Plastic injection moulding is an automated process where the majority of the process is performed by machines.
  • High pressure is used on the moulds which allows for a huge amount of detail to be imprinted and intricate shapes manufactured.
  • Large material selection. There is a large selection of polymer resins to choose from.
  • Low waste. Technical injection moulding produces little post-production scrap compared to traditional manufacturing processes.
  • Identical products are manufactured.
  • Little post production work needed.
why choose technical injection moulding?

Cleanroom Medical Injection Moulding

Europlaz is a full service medical device partner, our expertise is founded on technical injection moulding, tool making and wealth of material and process knowledge.

  • Precision moulding – conforming to the requirements of complex components
  • Insert/over moulding
technical injection moulding

Europlaz’s Medical Injection Moulding Facilities

  • 24 medical injection moulding machines
  • 10 Tonne to 300 tonne
  • 17 housed within ISO class 7 cleanrooms
  • All-electric injection moulding machines
  • Injection moulded medical products made on this site since 1970
technical injection moulding

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