Medical Test Kit Assembly and Fulfilment

Supplying clients with regulatory compliant medical sample collection kits.

Semi-Automated Medical Test Kit Fulfilment

As experts in medical test kit assembly and fulfilment, Europlaz  is an experienced supplier of regulatory compliant (eg UN3373, PI650) medical sample collection kits.

We use semi-automated high throughput assembly lines which are flexible to suit the specifics of your kit build. This system is ideal for home diagnostic and medical testing kits. As seen with the need for COVID testing kits, being prepared is key. We have the ability to quickly scale up production in the event of a sharp increase in demand and reduce the risk of package contamination with our highly-controlled manufacturing site.

For this reason, the assembly of medical testing kits is an area where we are seeing automation grow.  For this highly regulated and complex industry, reducing human error with automation can mean the difference between the success and failure of the device once it enters the market. To find out more about how we can assist you with the automation of your medical test kit assembly, packaging, labelling, or quality assurance please feel free to contact us now.






Benefits of working with Europlaz

B-12 – disaster recovery
B-11 – low carbon emissions
B-10 – stock inventory reporting
B-9 – test systems for 100% verification
B-8 – integrates with order fulfilment software
B-7 – Automatic barcode scanning
B-6 – ISO class 7 assembly cleanrooms
B-5 – in line sub assembly
B-4 – in house automation expert knowledge
B-3 – Checkweigher
B-2 – domestic and international shipping
B-1 – Semi automated work cells

Increases the repeatability, productivity, and safety of the assembly process.

B2C and B2B delivery available anywhere in the world.

100% check-weigh capabilities down to O.1gr accuracy.

Semi-automated production lines with fully trained operatives.

Kit assembly according to clients’ exact specifications & bill of materials.

24/7 manufacturing in ISO Class 7 Cleanrooms to ISO:13485 standards.

Barcode tracking system & data verification ensures no order is forgotten.

Individual real time coding, labelling & scanning as required.

Auto rejection capabilities & test systems for 100% verification.

All stock is stored in a temperature monitored warehouse.

30% of energy generation is through solar panels.

Two separate facilities to allow for disaster recovery.

Fast, Safe Medical Test Kit Assembly

Manual assembly of medical test  kits can be labour intensive and inefficient, resulting in delays and increased costs. If you are looking at ways of making your assembly processes efficient, accurate and cost-effective, automating the process with Europlaz could offer you the perfect solution to your medical test kit rollout.

By using automated processes to assemble, pack and validate products Europlaz offers our customers a more reliable and efficient service. Thanks to the stringent monitoring systems which are in place the traceability and quality control of our products are second to none. We are FDA registered, IVD and ISO 13485 certified and offer cGMP compliant facilities to meet your quality requirements.


Variable Medical Test Kits Assembly

Whether your medical test kit assembly enquiry relates to diagnostic testing, drug delivery or Medical Kit Fulfilment, we can offer a service to meet your exact requirements. Our in-house engineering teams have substantial experience in this area and are on hand to offer reliable, accurate and efficient automated solutions which will save you money.

Thanks to our vast experience in this sector, we have all the systems available to deliver large or small quantities of bespoke medical test kits to individuals or organisations around the world. We are also able to provide individual coding, labelling and scanning where required.

Our comprehensive kit assembly and fulfilment services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can meet quick turnaround times whilst not compromising on service or quality.

Types Of Kits We Can Assemble

k-8 – COVID-19
k-7 – food & water testing
k-6 – inter lab comparison
k-5 – disease control
k-4 – clinical trials
k-3- sexual health
k-2 – drug & alcohol abuse
K-1 – health screening

Providing a complete compliant medical and diagnostic health screening sample kit.

We can source many of the different components in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Screening kits, at highly competitive prices.

The demand for regulatory compliant Sexual Health medical sample collection kits is growing, use our expertise to meet this demand.

Working with you we will design and manufacture a tailored clinical trials kit solution that will help you achieve better quality samples and higher sample return rates.

We can plan and develop solutions ready for each stage of the disease control process, allowing us to react quickly in the required volumes for the specific challenge.

Providing high quality solutions to ensure that test samples consistently arrive at the laboratories intact and in premium condition.

Facilitating the testing of water from various sources to prevent and control disease outbreaks and samples for routine food testing to detect potential threats to public health.

COVID Medical Kit Fulfilment


We are extremely proud of the service we offer especially when we receive feedback from clients:

“As soon as we met the Europlaz team, we knew we would work well together and they would be the best partner for us. Their knowledge and expertise in assembling complex medical products, as well as their understanding of regulatory requirements and their excellent on-site facilities make them an ideal business to work with.” James Monico, Testing For All.

“We’ve found Europlaz’s technical expertise and its understanding of both supply chain management and the manufacturing process to be invaluable. Europlaz has been very flexible and able to accommodate all of our requirements when production of the test kits needed to increase. It’s been a very positive and productive partnership.” Alasdair Young, Edinburgh Genetics

Why not book in a telephone meeting with us to learn more about our service offerings?  Use the meeting scheduler below and select a covenient date and time.

Alternatively you can contact us by telephone or email.


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