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To ensure the Product is Easily and Repeatedly Manufacturable

Functional Requirements

A key aspect of the development of a medical device is ensuring it can be made to meet its functional requirements to cost, on a timely basis and with the minimum number of assembly stages possible.

At Europlaz, the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process will be used throughout your project. This provides the opportunity and freedom to explore medical device designs and techniques early on and becomes more specific as the design is finalised.

Europlaz offers full support to your design team during the concept, feasibility, and development stages of your project to ensure the product designed is easily and repeatedly manufacturable.

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design for manufacturing

Full Customer Support

We offer full support with:

  • Process selection – no matter what the components are in your product, we will use our extensive inhouse knowledge to identify the best process to make each component.
  • Material selection – we can guide you through the material identification process, helping you select materials that have the physical and aesthetic attributes required whilst minimising cost and ensuring they are suitable for the selected manufacturing process.
  • Component design – each component, whether produced inhouse at Europlaz or externally by one of our suppliers, is analysed to ensure it can be built to the tolerances required and in the volumes you require.
  • Mouldflow Analysis – this computer-based simulation of the manufacturing of plastic components is used to predict how the part will behave during and after production. Utilising this process helps you to design the optimum component without the need for a trial and error approach.
  • Medical device assembly design – how the device will be assembled, and how the device can be designed to make it straight forward and with the minimum risk of mis-assembly.


design for manufacturing

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