Autoinjector kit

High Volume Manufacture and Distribution

This medical, pre-filled Autoinjector kit holds two individually sealed syringe cartridges. Also included is a pen device used to automatically inject one dose of medicine from each syringe cartridge.

—A complex and user-friendly medical device.

The Challenge:

This medical device composes of two syringe cartridges, an auto-injector pen and a carry case. The product is designed to be used by patients to easily self-inject a pre-filled dose of medicine.

A large US pharma company looked to the UK to find a manufacturing partner to help bring their product to the EU market.

A complex and user friendly medical device.

Key capabilities of the Autoinjector kit:

  • Tooling design and development
  • High volume production
  • Cleanroom injection moulding
  • Cleanroom manual and automated assembly
  • Steriliastion and drug filling management
  • Storage and EU distribution links

This device has over 15 separate components making it complex to mould and assemble. All plastic components are injection moulded within ISO class 7 cleanrooms for direct delivery to a dedicated production cell within a medical assembly cleanroom.

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