TIVA Anaesthesia Sets

A range of TIVA (totally intravenous anaesthesia) kits designed to suit a wide variety of surgical procedures including ICU applications and day case surgery.

Autoinjector Kit

Designed to be used by patients to easily self-inject a pre-filled dose of medicine. Comprising of two syringe cartridges, auto injector pen and carry case.

Sublingual Drug Delivery Device

A single use dosage dispensing canister for the sublingual spray of reformulated drug(s) manufactured in conjunction with a UK pharmaceutical company.

Flow Sensor

A neonatal respiratory flow sensor, with a sidestream CO₂ sampling port, measuring the flow rates of gas inhaled and exhaled by a patient.


Used by surgeons during endoscopic procedures, when inverted the spike pierces the bottle releasing fluid to wash away any impurities obscuring the viewfinder.