Flow Sensor

Patent granted for our Neonatal Flow Sensor from the European Patent Office

We are delighted to announce the receipt of a patent for our neonatal Flow Sensor with a side-port from the European Patent Office which covers Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Italy. The patent is also awarded in the US.

With the rapid commercialisation of our Flow Sensor being a core focus for Europlaz, we are delighted to receive this patent grant from the European Patent Office. This patent, which builds on our strong global intellectual property position for the product, supports our continued commitment to assist some of the most vulnerable patients across the world.

Best practice clinical protocols tell that neonatal ventilation should use both lung-protective volume control and CO2 monitoring. Clinicians avoid combining volume and non-invasive CO2 monitoring in the smallest patients because of concerns regarding excessive deadspace. However, the Europlaz Flow Sensor enables clinicians to follow the correct protocols, by combining the sensor for measuring flow-volume with an optimally placed sampling port for safely extracting gas for tidal flow CO2 monitoring.

Europlaz is a cutting-edge medical technology manufacturer that has been manufacturing flow sensors for more than 15 years. Our flow sensors are produced using automated micro-robotic assembly, for a highly consistent sensor quality, performance and traceability.

The Flow Sensor is also available without the side-port, for those situations or markets that do not use tidal flow CO2 monitoring.

For further information please visit our product page or download the brochure.