Patent to be granted on flowsenor used for neonatal ventilation

European Patent granted for our Flow Sensor

Europlaz is pleased to announce that a Patent has been granted for our Flow Sensor with side port product. Used for medical artificial neonatal ventilation, the Flow Sensor combined component includes a flow sensor for the measurement of the volume of gas flow and a sampling port for extraction of sampling gas for routing to a concentration measuring device.

Volume flow measurement accuracy in neonatal ventilation

The integrated arrangement of the Flow Sensor assures volume flow measurement accuracy in a constant temperature anemometer sensor whilst reducing dead space and minimising turbulence and space prior to the sampling gas diversion point. The distance between the orifice and the anemometer sensor is important and is preferably within the range of 3 – 10 mm.

Flow Sensor benefits

Benefits of the Flow Sensor include:

    • Best in class bi-directional flow measurements in lung protective volume ventilation, through:


  1. eliminated ventilator variability in the estimation and compensation for sidestream ‘leak’.
  2. constructed to minimise inaccuracies from the gas turbulence noise that occur between multiple connectors.
  3. automated micro-robotic assembly, for a highly consistent sensor quality and performance.


    • Lowest in class deadspace that enables combined volume and CO2 monitoring with the very smallest babies.


    • Lowest in class device weight, for improved patient comfort in the interface.


    • 100% drop-in compatible with neonatal ventilators that use wire sensing technology.


    • Reduced potential for inadvertent connection errors.


  • Reduced net purchase cost.

The Flow Sensor is available without the sideport, for those situations that do not use tidal flow CO2 monitoring.

Best practice clinical protocols in neonatal ventilation

Best practice clinical protocols say that all neonatal ventilation should use both volume and CO2 monitoring. Clinicians who do not combine the two, do so because the dead space and risk of volume inaccuracy will not let them. Europlaz’s Flow Sensor resolves these issues and enables clinicians to follow the correct protocols.

For further information on this product please refer to the data sheet, contact us or visit our product page.

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