medical device contract manufacturing

How Does Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Work

Contract manufacturing is an operational model which outsources manufacturing to a company like Europlaz, which can help small companies, start-ups and those looking for scalable production. If you don’t have an in-house manufacturing team, who can facilitate every step of the process, using a contract manufacturer for specialised, high-volume production is highly beneficial.
Your engineers would provide a Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) with the necessary drawings and documentation for your product. The manufacturer then brings your design to production through all the stages of compliance testing, prototyping and material testing. By taking this burden, you can focus on other areas of your business.
It’s crucial to find a trusted contract manufacturer whom you trust to treat your design in the best way, adhering to confidentiality, quality standards and your vision. Europlaz is wholly focussed on medical device contract manufacturing- with experience across the medical market; we are perfectly positioned to bring your concept to fruition.

What is a CMO (Contract manufacturing organisation)?

A CMO is a company that takes your design and tests, produces and supplies the product for distribution. Even larger companies use CMO’s when they require scalable production to meet demand. An ongoing partnership with a reliable and full-service CMO means that you won’t need to invest in extensive facilities, expensive heavy machinery, and the experts needed to operate them.

Pros of medical device contract manufacturing

1. Save money by not having everything in-house — labour, equipment etc.
There is a substantial monetary saving using CMO’s. Without outlaying for equipment, labour and production spaces, as well as the risk of not having experience in the area, you achieve a high-quality product. Furthermore, vendors are already trusted and tested by the CMO, who have experience calculating unexpected costs and hiccups in the production process. A medical device manufacturer can also help with any compliance testing you might need to undertake.
2. Easily scalable based on demand
When you use an in-house manufacturing facility, your capacity for production could be limited by what your projected need is, not the actual product required. This could cause shipping issues, whereas by using a CMO, you can scale higher. Dedicated manufacturers have the capability to fulfil whatever demand you meet at the point of sale.
3. The expertise of a knowledgeable manufacturer in the same niche. (ideal for small to medium-sized businesses)
A CMO who is experienced in your niche can provide valuable technical insight, into production and the actual functioning of the device. In addition, producing for a versatile range of markets gives an advantage to your design where lots of experience leads to a better end product.

Europlaz as an accredited medical device contract manufacturer

Europlaz are the ideal choice for medical device manufacturing. We have many accreditations and provide our customers with quality assurance for peace of mind. Our years of experience guarantee that the end product is the best use of your design. We know all the processes which will help save money and lead to a high-quality product. Find out more information on our services page.

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