medical device assembly line

Medical Device Assembly Lines

When manufacturing medical devices, precision and experience are essential parts of making the process successful. That’s why contract manufacturers can offer the best solution. Medical Device manufacturers like Europlaz focus on providing expert production facilities (including cleanrooms that fulfil the required specifications based on cleanroom classifications) and flexible medical device assembly lines that produce high-quality products. At Europlaz, we have a large range of capabilities from medical device design right through to production and fulfilment, meaning that if your product requires one, or several processes, we can accommodate.

Range of capabilities at Europlaz

We can accommodate every part of the production process at Europlaz. From medical device prototyping, moulding and welding, assembly and bonding through to printing, cleaning, filling, packaging and labelling, we offer several options.

Moulding techniques include:
Rapid Prototyping
● High cavitation, fast cycle
● Over moulding
● Optical moulding

We’ll help you decide which is the most suitable for your product in the planning and design stages of production. Our  medical device assembly lines are fully flexible and accommodate manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly.

Bonding techniques include:
● Ultrasonic welding
● Hot Plate welding
● Hot-wire welding
● Adhesive and ultraviolet bonding

This is appropriate for a wide range of materials and devices. We also incorporate multi-colour pad printing if required. Our ISO class 7 cleanroom facilities cover over 15,000 square feet, we can offer services such as ultrasonic cleaning as well as packing techniques such as:

● Blister packaging
● Pouch sealing (roller and bar)
● Label production (including custom bar codes)
● Packaging validation

This means that your end product will be ready to ship at industry standard every time. Our production line is fully flexible as we aim to accommodate the requirements specific to your product.

Benefits of having a flexible medical device assembly line

Our in-house automation capabilities mean that we have the capacity to design, source and commission equipment to complete and verify assembly tasks. This makes our service fully flexible, which can benefit you in the following ways:

1. Speed: Assembly lines that are specific to your product will create a smoother process, as every component of production is tailored to create your product in the most time-efficient way.

2. Lower costs: Not only does a quicker assembly cut costs, but by using a contract manufacturer you can access bespoke production equipment and skilled experts with experience in gaining production efficiencies.

3. Increased output: At Europlaz we house a range of machines at a range of sizes, and our flexible production capabilities mean that you can specify how many machines you want to use at each stage of production.

4. Ability to scale: As well as increasing output, the machines which we provide can be modified to scale production up or down depending on the needs of your customers.

Europlaz is an experienced contract manufacturer with fully flexible medical device assembly lines. We can accommodate many requests and specifications, which means we are ready to work on your device today. Contact us via our contact us page or complete the form below to find out more.

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