day 2 day 8 testing kit

Manufacturing Day 2 Day 8 Testing Kits

Europlaz are pleased to announce that we are manufacturing a Day 2 Day 8 testing kit for our Not-for Profit partner, Testing for All, who has now joined the list of Government approved test providers.

All international arrivals to the UK are required to take a COVID test on day two and day eight of their arrival and then quarantine for 10 days.  These tests need to be booked before arrival into the UK. The testing package costs as little as £99, making it currently the UK’s most affordable testing kit.

The tests are available for self-test at home and results are returned within 24 hours of the test arriving at the laboratory via a proprietary app.

This launch comes amidst recent calls for the introduction of more affordable Day 2 Day 8 testing and the recent publication of the Government’s Global Travel Taskforce setting out continued reliance on this testing regiment for the foreseeable future.

“This is an important step towards allowing families and individuals to start travelling again after May 17th without facing the additional cost burden of testing upon returning back to the UK. Beyond supporting individuals and families, we believe this move to have a broader positive impact on the travel industry at large which is still faced with a lot of uncertainty.” says James Monico, co-founder of Testing For All.

“We are incredibly proud to be involved in such a significant project to help protect the health of our nation through mandatory testing upon arrival into the UK. It is the most reliable way for travellers needing to conduct essential journeys (as in accordance with UK law) to ensure they can leave quarantine on Day 10 safe in the knowledge that they do not have COVID-19.” says Eddie O’Keeffe, Chairman of Europlaz.

Eddie continues: “I am delighted to be working with a not-for-profit organisation on the Day 2 Day 8 testing kit. Many people have been affected financially by the pandemic and Testing For All are working to provide an accessible solution for much of the population once more widespread travel is permitted. Only last week UK Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, accused some testing companies of profiteering from people’s desperation to travel.”

For further information on our involvement in manufacturing these tests please contact us.

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