Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting now Available

Europlaz Technologies, a contract manufacturer and packager specialising in the medical and pharmaceutical industries based in Essex, UK, has added laser cutting of medical devices and medical device components to its services.


The new service complements Europlaz’s existing range of skilled cleanroom assembly services for surgical, orthopaedic, diagnostic and implantable devices.


Adding laser cutting capabilities to our portfolio

Europlaz has invested in a Laserite laser cutter/engraving model LL 6040 with 30w air-cooled system, 2” lens, coaxial air-assisted, with onboard pump. The investment is to service an existing contract, however, the machine will be available for additional contract work. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


Certified to ISO 13485:2003 standard, the company applies a range of processes in medical device assembly, including ultrasonic welding, RF welding and skilled assembly. Various options for high-quality packaging of the finished products are available. The options include custom formed trays, four side seal pouches and aseptic liquid filling.


From the earliest stages of product development, the in-house team works with clients to determine the most effective and efficient strategies for each phase of the tooling, moulding, assembly and packaging process, and can also consult on process validation, sterilization and supply chain management.


Europlaz occupies 60,000 sq ft and has state of the art, cleanroom manufacturing facilities covering over 15,000 sq ft.


We have six cleanrooms which are accredited to ISO 14644-1 Class 7 and are specifically designed for processing class I and class II medical devices.


Injection moulding of medical grade polymers and dedicated assembly and packaging areas are all controlled and monitored by our Quality Department.


The latest digitally controlled machines are used to deliver high quality mouldings.


We undertake routine air pressure, micro-organism and airborne particulate monitoring to ensure we always maintain first class standards.


Facilities are continually upgraded and each year we allocate a large investment to ensure best standards are always maintained.


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