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In consumer business, social media is a standard and an effective communication tool which is why we have a Europlaz social media channel. It is rare to see an advert on television without a request to ‘like us on Facebook’ so I wonder how this can work in a business to business environment?


Getting to know the medical device manufacturing industry

The Europlaz social media has been active for three years now and has been predominately based on Twitter and YouTube but with a lesser presence on Facebook. We post industry news and comments – as well as videos from the heart of Europlaz.

We have had varied success with social media. However, usually directly correlated with the amount of time available to dedicate to the channels. Some stand out successes includes passing a business enquiry onto a more suitable company discovered through Twitter. This resulted in having an enquiry passed to us in a similar manner, this tangible measurement is very rare, the real benefits are less easily accountable.

Getting to know and understand the medical device manufacturing industry on a global scale.

Discussions about shared challenges.

One to one media relationships – understanding what that journalist or editor is really interested in.

Understanding the market – global healthcare, sustainability, what end users are actually talking about.

Joining the conversation on real issues – manufacturing in the UK, the Eurozone crisis, UK’s standing on the Euro, the NHS and closer to home, innovation.

Through social media, these conversations are accessible on a global scale. This is because world has opened up to our industrial estate and even without concrete returns, the benefits can be felt.

Also, being on social media can improve search engine optimisation – we’d have a conversation for that!


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