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The Future of Neonatal Monitoring

Patented Combination Flow sensor with Gas Sampling Port 

Neonatal Flowsensor with gas sampling C02Neonatal NICU equipment


Download the new whitepaper here: COMBINATION FLOW SENSOR WITH CO2 SAMPLING PORT


Europlaz Technologies Ltd introduces a patented combination neonatal respiratory flow sensor, integrating a sidestream CO₂ sampling port.

CO₂ monitoring has emerged as an essential tool in respiratory care for faster, better patient outcomes.

The device purpose is to contribute a proximal sensing element for the combination device measuring the instantaneous flow rates of gas inhaled and exhaled by the patient.


  • Reduced weight and size

  • Reduced connector count

  • Reduced potential for connection error

  • Reduced net purchase cost

Using a single combination device greatly reduces the dead space compared with a standard flow senor and standard gas sampling adapter. 

Contact for further information, a brochure and samples. Alternatively call 00441621773471. Europlaz product code: EUR120A