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Getting Straight to the Point

The Challenge

Already a satisfied customer, Fresenius Kabi knew who to contact when they decided to stop buying ready assembled components from the USA and design and manufacture their own parts with a trusted British company.

The Flowfusor Irrigation System is used by surgeons during endoscopic procedures. When the Flowfusor is inverted, the spike pierces the bottle releasing fluid to wash away any impurities obscuring the viewfinder.

Fresenius Kabi wanted a UK supplier who could simplify the design yet still meet their demanding standards.
The Solution

An inspired redesign by Europlaz removed one of the parts to fit a porous filter disc.

Europlaz not only included testing programmes into the design and manufacture process but custom made equipment to assure 100% quality.

The Verdict

Europlaz encouraged us to take an active role in the redesign and manufacture of the spike assembly and we felt that we were very much in control in the progress of our project.

Their innovative solution to a difficult technical challenge means that we can provide our customers with a better product.

Dr. Robin Taylor, Fresenius