Europlaz Technologies is a leading contract medical device manufacturer

Europlaz Technologies leading contract medical device manufacturer

Assembly Operators

Job Description:                                QUALITY OPERATOR/ASSEMBLER



Purpose of job and primary objectives: To assist in the production and assembly of high quality medical devices both in and out of a cleanroom environment.


1. Main Duties


a) Understand and follow all procedures and Good Manufacturing Practices including those that outline safety, housekeeping, cleanliness, equipment calibration, component and material labeling, assembly/process specifications, etc.

b) To work in a clean environment and comply with standards of cleanliness required (No make up, no exposed jewellery or piercings, no hair gel, no exposed facial hair)

c) May operate automatic or semi-automatic equipment

d) To work to a set quality standard and meet personal daily production targets  

e) Maintain all manufacturing and quality records. Accurately and legibly record required information

f) Perform other related tasks as assigned or required


2. Basic Qualifications:


a) Ability to read, understand and work with detailed visual aids such as method layouts, detailed diagrams, process flow sheets and related assembly documentation

b) Ability to use various hand tools and power assisted assembly tools that are common to the medical device industry

c) Ability to demonstrate a record of excellent performance in meeting high standards of quality, quantity and dependability (attendance and punctuality)

d) Ability to provide concentrated visual and mental attention


3) Physical Job Requirements


a) Good manual dexterity; ability to perform multiple repetitive operations

b) Able to sit/stand at work station up to 10 hours/day

c) Must be able to work with chemicals and solvents with no known chemical allergies

d) Vision correctable to 20/20 under normal lighting

e) Able to wear cleanroom attire - gown, gloves, safety glasses, hair net.

Special working conditions:  Cleanroom environment – Keep to cleanroom regulations as per training at all times.  Medical devices are made in sterile, cleanroom environments to ensure there is no contamination in a hospital or surgical environment. It is essential you adhere to strict regulations when working within the cleanrooms.  

Any other relevant comments: Employees must be over 18 to operate machinery. 


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